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06 September 2020 @ 01:18 pm


My name is Weronika :). I’m happy that you are visiting my LJ! Hope you’ll enjoy!
All about me can be found
here, at my profile page. I’m not uploading my blog very often but I’m very often fangirling at LJ XD.
 Please, feel free to ad me as your friend on LJ :) Of course... it will be nice if you comment!! I’ll be happy to meet new people!
  Let’s have fun! Yoroshiku!

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12 October 2009 @ 12:22 pm
 Ok, so in my life is a big return of rock. I’m still wondering how I survived ½ year just with Johnny-boys. Have no idea! On my last.fm KAT-TUN is still the leader…. And it seems that they will be the first from the 'Top Artists' list for a very long time. How come?! I mean, I love them etc. but how come the majority over other artists is so fucking big?! Did I listen KAT-TUN all the time? NO! So wtf?! 

My last: http://www.last.fm/user/MadameWu :)

Ok, so there was this post on my friends page about BREAKERZ and I totally fell in love with DAIGO when I saw him, and I just needed to watch some PV on YouTube and after watching it I fell even more with Daigo Breakerz and just started to listen to them. And there is also my love to  -miyavi- and it’s my friends fault cos she is in love with him and told me ‘start liking miyavi cos I wanna have somebody to talk about him!’ and I listened to Selfish Love and become infected. XD SO yeah… and there is also flumpool – the same friend is guilty - :P.

What else? Recently I like MiChi songs. I like her voice and I like her-non-j-sweet-behavior. XD Well, I’m really allergic to Japanese-lovely-sweet girls. Sorry. ;P

What else? Mr. Akanishi, right? My future husband. We’ve had a little separation but as you can see, in the test results which are below, he is still my true love. <3 But he is pissing me off so much… <angry>

I’m using twitter: http://twitter.com/Nika__chan ;P 

yeah. I guess that’s all. ;P

summarizing all this, my je-love is diminishing so I’m not as excited about all gossips or news as I used to be but I still love them. My music preferences came back to the normal level after big explosion of love for Johnny boys.

PS but I still love fangirling! ❤ ❤ 

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